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Fascia bracket screwdriver system back to back

Scope Input

  1. Do not enable the Screwdriver if:
    1. all the parts are not present and loaded correctly. PIxel counter verifies clip orientation
    2. at the next position if a failed torque is triggered at the current position

Scope Output and Sequence

  1. Operator readies the machine for automatic mode.
  2. Operator loads the fascia bracket into the nest. Parts are detected present and oriented to enable next sequence.
  3. Operator activates cycle start, clamps advance to part.
  4. Screwdriver is enabled.
  5. With the tool, the operator manually runs down the screw into the bracket. If a good torque AND the screw is prensent then the indicator light goes GREEN.
  6. Operator manually runs down the second screw. Recieves a GREEN torque pass.
  7. Operator activates the cyc le start, clamps retract to home, operator unloads the finished part.