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Gauges and Fixtures

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D&N Gage

Gauges and fixtures:
D&N offers complete package design and build around your requirements. We specialize in functional sealing systems, rubber molded, inspection aids and holding fixtures.  We have the experience to design and to manufacture anything from simple hand-apply attribute gauges to fully automated hands-off systems with data collection. 

Assembly equipment integration:
D&N offers solutions to assembly by designing and building to meet your specific requirements. We offer in-house mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical designs.  We execute our own designs, wiring, fabrication and machining.

We can manage multiple machinery orders


Services Offered:

  • Project Management
  • Solid Model CAD design
  • NC Milling CMM Inspection
  • Part layouts Gauges
  • Prototype and Production Models
  • Prototype and Production Fixtures
  • Prototype and Production Assembly Systems
  • Assembly Equipment & Integration

161 E Pond
Romeo, MI 48065

Office   586-336-2110
Fax         586-336-2114



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Automated systems design and build since 2011

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