Fixtures, Models and Automated Tools/Machines 

for automotive industry today

Our History

We believe the true measure of quality at D&N Gage is customer satisfaction. Maintaining the scope of work, schedule to the cusotomer and eye on the budget keeps D&N competitive and customers coming back. It is essential that we continually improve our business operating system and related processes so as to provide a solid foundation for customer success which will translate to our own success.

 D&N is a 16,000 sq ft facility.  Recent equipment additions include NC machines: 3-axis VF11, VF5; 5-axis UMC-750; lathe TRAK1630HS-SX.

D&N Gage is an OEM, Tier 1, 2 and 3 automotive and aftermarket. Quality certifications to the most current level ISO Certification.

Gauge specialities:

  • Prototype and production
  • Decorative functional sealing systems
  • Inspection aids
  • Vision and laser measuring systems: both manual and automated
  • Holding fixtures

Automation systems include but not limited to:

  • Automated quality control as measuring, vision for go/no-go display on HMI
  • Parts on assembly automation with any combination of sensors: vision, LASER
  • Component assembly clips, pins, screwdriving - any parts on assembly
  • Vision measuring systems, ultrasonic welding, hot air/cold stake, riveting
  • Earn-a-label, bar code scanning, ILVS (inline vehicle sequencing)