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Tab bend/vision inspect

Scope Input (dual, back to back operator stations)

  1. Do not enable the Auto cycle if:
    1. Ad Pro is not detected (UV sensor), parts and metal tabs are not present (proxes/vision) and loaded correctly
    2. at the second sequence  position if all clips are not oriented and seated (vision) do not allow platen retract
    3. at the third sequence position if TPE isolator is not seated (vision inspect) do not permit vacuum release of part nor the HOT STAMP advance.

Scope Output and Sequence

  1. Operator selects specific part being run (for vision and hot stamp programs).
  2. Operator applies Ad Pro to substrate at staging fixture then applies tape. Green light goes ON.
  3. Operator preassembles three clips to substrate then loads substrate to vacuum upper.
  4. Operator loads the aluminum bright to lower nest and activates cycle start. Vision detects tabs present, parts are detected present upper advances.
  5. Tabs are bent, clips are pressed, vision inspects bent tabs.
  6. Operator manually assembles TPE to the substrate. Vision detects that the "corner" is seated.
  7. Operator activates cycle start.
  8. Upper press advances, HOT STAMP advances to strike and "X" in the TPE part for the part being run.
  9. Platen retracts, operator unloads the finished part.